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Drum Set

Drum Set
Product Name : Drum Set
Product ID : GDS-06
The source machine: 908system, include Accompaniment, Recording Playback, Metronome
can connect with computer,phone,Headset. Speakers timbre, Volume, Tone, Sensitivity Adjustable.
Accompaniment of songs: 43
timbre: 22(Fixed(, 5(Custom).
The Materials of drum body :Tubes with Spray.
Snare drum:1, 10inch, Drum chamber made from ABS, mesh drumhead.
Toms: 3, 8 inch,Drum chamber made from ABS, mesh drumhead.
Kick drum: 1,8inch, Drum chamber made from ABS,mesh drumhead.include step mallet.
Cymbal: 12inch, the taper made from ABS, the batter head made from Silicone,with ended sound function.
Ride cymbal: 12inch, the taper made from ABS,the batter head made from Silicone, double touch off ended sound function.
Hi-hat: 12inch,the batter head made from Silicone,Bracket independent.
Drum pad: double touch off. CRASH with ended sound function.
RIDE double touch off ended sound.
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